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Below are some of the E-mail, Shopping Cart, Search Engine, and website marketing software programs we use at the Webpage Publicity Agency to optimize our client's website.

We use these resources not only optimize our client's website and make their website rank at the top of the Search Engines, but also to help them effectively sell their products or service to their online customers.

The Insider Secrets To Being Ranked At The Top Of The Search Engines is by far the very best web page marketing course on the internet because it has the capabilities of constantly staying up to date with the Search Engines. 

Every time the Search Engines are updated, or change the way they suggest web pages, this course will also be updated no matter how long ago it was purchased.

The course also teaches what it takes to build a web page that will rank high in the Search Engines and give you all of the latest tips and tricks to outranking your online competition on the internet and keep your website ranked at the top of the Search Engines.

To find out how this course can help your website rank at the top of all of the major Search Engines Click Here. is the Domain Name Registration company we use, and recommend to our clients, to purchase Domain Names for only $8.75 a year.

If your Domain Name(s) is currently registered with another Domain Name Company, then will transfer you Domain Name for you Free Of Charge and give you one year of Domain Name Hosting for only $7.75 (instead of the regular price of $8.75 a year).

When you purchase your Domain Name through you even receive "FREE Forwarding" with your Domain Name and if you ever want to "Mask" your Domain Name(s) then it is only $4.95 extra. even has Free 24/7 Telephone Support if you need any assistance registering your Domain Name(s).

To find out more just go to 

iPowerWeb is the web page hosting company we use and recommend to our clients at the Webpage Publicity Agency

With iPowerWeb you not only have 24/7 technical support for your website but you also have many more added features and benefits that most website hosting companies do not provide their clients.

iPowerWeb not only provides their clients with:

500 Megabytes of Storage Space

30 Gigabytes of Bandwidth

300 Different Personalized E-Mail Accounts

Unlimited E-mail Forwarding

Unlimited Personalized Auto Responders

They also provide their clients with:

FREE Browser Based Email

FREE SSL Secure Server

FREE Password Protection

FREE Inventory / Database of Online Customers

FREE Website Shopping Cart

FREE Front Page, Real, & Macromedia plug-ins

FREE Streaming Audio

FREE Search Engine Position Report

To try out iPowerWeb website hosting service with a FREE 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Click Here.

1 Shopping Cart
has been voted as the most sufficient online shopping cart system on the net three years in a row. With 1 Shopping Cart you can customize the way you want your shopping cart to look and feel on your website and you can also add your very own graphics and logos to it's layout making it look like a shopping cart built specifically for your online business.

1 Shopping Cart also has the capabilities of taking care of your affiliate and associate paychecks as well. Whenever an order is placed on your website through one of your Affiliates, 1 Shopping Cart will automatically process the charges for you sending the affiliate their portion of the money, while sending your retailer their portion, and depositing the rest into your personal account.

1 Shopping Cart can also retrieve specific Serial Numbers and/or Unlock codes and automatically include them within the client's E-mail receipt once their payment goes through. 1 Shopping Cart can even include FedEx / UPS / USPS tracking numbers with all of your client's orders while you are away.

To find out more about 1 Shopping Cart and how it can process and handle all of your online orders for you Click Here.

is the program we use to send out our Webpage Marketing Tips Monthly Newsletter to our clients. 

Mailloop has the capabilities of sending out thousands of E-mails every minute while personalizing each individual outgoing E-mail making your clients feel that you wrote that E-mail to them personally. The best thing about Mailloop is it bypasses your ISP, not clogging up their internet connection, running at the speed of your computer.

Mailloop also has the ability of personally responding to all of your incoming E-mail while you are away from your computer. In addition, Mailloop can automatically print out and process all of your incoming orders for you while forwarding the orders to a different E-mail address and/or adding the incoming information into another database to be processed again by a second software program. Mailloop also has the capability of sending out personalized serial numbers or passwords with each outgoing order.

To find out how Mailloop can help you market your online business to your personal clients Click Here

Arelis is a program we use to make more websites want to link to our client's website which helps rank their site higher than their competition is currently ranked in the Search Engines results.

With Arelis you can automatically find out what websites are linked to your competition's website. You can also tell Arelis to automatically send a personalized outgoing E-mail to each of those websites asking them if they would be willing to link to your website. Arelis keeps track of all responses to your outgoing E-mails. It can also send a follow up Email to all of the websites that did not respond to your original Email within 1 to 2 weeks.

Arelis can also create reciprocal links with your link partners by automatically generating a link page within your website that is personally dedicated to the website you are trading links with. 

To find out more about Arelis and how it can make more websites want to link to your website Click Here.

PHP Live is not only the most reasonably priced website Chat program on the internet, but they have more features than all other Chat programs.

With most website Chat software programs you are required to pay a monthly fee for their Chat Service and you are limited to only a certain number of users according to the price you are willing to pay for their service. 

With PHP Live there are no limitations. You can have an unlimited number of clients chatting with you all the time and have an unlimited number of workers using your program chatting with all of your clients.

PHP Live also gives you the advantage of choosing whether you want them to host your Chat Software for you on their server (for a monthly fee) or let you purchase their software for a one time fee hosting it on your own website server for free.

PHP Live has the capabilities of tracking how many people are currently viewing your site at any giving moment which allows you to instant message them asking if there are any questions you can answer for them or anything you can help them with.

To find out more about PHP Live and how it can help you to assist your online customers turning them into clients for your online business Click Here.

Click Tracks is a website marketing program we use to track how visitors found our website on the internet and how often they revisit our site.

Click Tracks will not only allow you to see what keywords the public is using to find your website through the Search Engines, but Click Tracks will also tell you which web pages the person clicked on first and how long they stayed on each web page before they left. This allows you to evaluate your website and find out if you are using the correct keywords within your website in order for the Search Engines to be able to find your online business. 

Click Tracks also tells you which Cost-Per-Click ads are bringing in the most sales by tracking the advertisements you have placed on other people's websites.

To find out more about Click Tracks and how it can help you market your online business to your clients in the correct manner Click Here.

Web Position Gold
will examine your website according to the most popular Search Engine's rules and regulations and let you know what needs to be changed about your website in order to be ranked at the top of their results. Web Position Gold works with and monitors,,,,,,,, etc.

Web Position Gold will also monitor your website's ranking in the main Search Engines and notify you when your website is outranked by your competition along with what you need to do with your site in order to be ranked at the top of the Search Engine's results again. Once those changes are made Web Position Gold will automatically resubmit your site to all of the Search Engines for you notifying them you have updated your site.

In addition, Web Position Gold will also automatically check to see what Search Engines your site is listed with. If your site is not listed within any of the top Search Engines Web Position Gold will continue to resubmit your site to those Search Engines until they finally list your site within their results.

To find out more about Web Position Gold and how it can help you rank your website higher in all of the Search Engines Click Here

Submit Wolf
is the program we use to automatically Submit our client's websites to all of the thousands of Search Engines, Newsgroups, and Directories that are directly associated with what their website is about.

With Submit Wolf you can specify what your online business is about, then Submit Wolf will find the appropriate Search Engines and Website Databases that are associated with what you specified. Submit Wolf can find Search Engines that are associated with Media, Real Estate, Education, Electronics, Automotive, Computing, Health/Medical, Finance, Sports, Music, etc

To find out more about Submit Wolf and how it can help submit your website to thousands of specific Search Engines that are associated with your products or services Click Here.

E-Book Pro
is the program we use to send our training courses to our online clients. 

E-Book Pro has the capability of distributing your training courses online (like Adobe Acrobat) and it also has the ability to make each E-Book you send to your clients be password protected so they can not illegally re-distribute your material to their friends or colleagues free of charge. This gives you the added bonus of copy protection over what you write and sell to your clients online.

To find out more about E-Book Pro and how it can protect your valuable information from being illegally copied Click Here 

Adobe Photoshop is the most powerful image editing software out on the market to this day. 

Photoshop is the artwork program we use at the Webpage Publicity Agency to design and edit our client's website giving them the most professional looking website of all.

Photoshop 6.0 (and all later versions) even have a feature built into them called "Save For Web." This feature will show you what your web page graphics will look like depending on the type of image you save them as (GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc), and how fast they will load on the internet.

To find out more about Adobe Photoshop and how it can give your website a more professional look Click Here.

VTC is the computer software training company we use at the Webpage Publicity Agency to train the people we work with how to use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Image Ready, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Outlook, as well as many other different internet programs. We feel that VTC puts out the best Software Training videos compared to all other other softer training companies on the internet.

If you are looking to quickly learn how to operate a software program for the web, or any other software program, I highly recommend you go to VTC's website and see what they have to offer.

They even have FREE Online Videos of each software program they sell, this way you can watch the video before deciding if you want to purchase it.

To go to VTC's website and see what all they have to offer just Click Here

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